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Tips on making your home Accessible for Wheelchair

Designing a house is mostly influenced by the need and the wishes of the people who lived in it. For some people who have disabled members in the family, designing a house that can give much assistance for them is a major need. They want everyone in the house to feel comfortable and happy without any burdensome feeling caused by the fact that they cannot move without their wheelchair. Thus, ideas on how to design the house so that it can meet the needs of those disabled people are important and valuable.
Actually, there are some simple ways to help disabled family members with their wheelchair. Most of the wheelchair accessible home planssuggest some of the following ideas. First, provide a sliding door to make sure that they can open and close it easily. Do not apply steps in the entrance way from the outside to the house. Be sure that the door and most of the rooms are designed wider than other common houses. The most ideal measurement is 36 inches wide for the doorway and 42 inches wide for the hallway. Make sure that all parts of the house promote an easy navigation process.
Though it is interesting to have second floor or third floor in your house, a single one is more appropriate. It will help everyone. However, if you still want to have levels in your home, be sure that the important things for the disabled people are there on the first floor. Bathrooms should be in wide space too so that they will not get any difficulty at all in accessing it. The last thing to do is to design all the switches and the controls in an easy to operate mode. Put them at the most reachable place in the house. Do not forget to explain where they are and how to operate them.
Actually, to own the house which can support someone with disability is not that easy. The owner of the house has to know about the rule design for each part of the room. For example, the owner or the designer has to measuring each place which is usually used by disability person. There is also a kind of room that has to be paid attention such as handicap bathroom. The ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) is already arranged the rules or measurement to build the bathroom or restroom for wheelchair user. Therefore, in making plan for wheelchair user is important since there is any standardization for it.

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