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The Broad Range of Green Technology Application for Sustainable Living

The rapid development of technology, and the rapid growth of industries and the operation of its factories every year are indicated as the source of pollution that caused the green house gas effect. Therefore, it is suggested for the industry to develop the eco friendly technology for sustainable living. This suggestion comes after seeing the impact of the industries to the environment for over three decades. The rapid human growth in major countries is also the factor to promote the eco friendly technology.
The green technology is not only applicable for energy and building to save the use of electricity. This technology is also applicable in broad areas of industries, including the electronic gadget such as cell phone. There is also campaign for preferred product purchasing by government in developed countries to empower the industries developing their green technology. The government will conduct the search for products that is able to result the minimum impact and damage to the environment. This product then becomes the preferred product to purchase by the government.

The green technology implementation also expands to the technology for health. There is now green nano technology developed to help the scientist finding the cure for severe disease such as cancer in environmental friendly way.

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