The Beauty and Benefits of the Kitchen Storage Bench

The Beauty and Benefits of the Kitchen Storage Bench

Looking more like a bed foot locker that has been turned into a daybed in the kitchen, kitchen storage benches are really more useful than the cat’s favorite place to sun. There is no kitchen regardless of how spacious or how small that can’t use a kitchen storage bench for storage of paper towels, napkins, groceries that don’t seem to belong in the fridge or are too big and bulky for the other cabinets. One other good thing about this bench is that you don’t need to get a stool to get something out of storage.

Of course, if your bench just happens to look like a day bed, it can be a comfortable place to lounge while waiting for your supper to cook. Few cooks like to sit at the kitchen table waiting for the pot to boil. They would rather be washing dishes or going into the other rooms to sit on the sofa. Arranging to wait in the kitchen until your meal is cooked and ready to serve, with the simple addition of a kitchen storage bench is reminiscent of old world kitchens where families slept in the kitchen for warmth before the advent of furnaces.

Most storage benches with cushions looks a lot like a Turkish cot found in many South European countries with lots of storage underneath the cot. Modern kitchen storage benches come in many various styles with the traditional bench look of wooden back or the luxurious look of washable cushions. They make an exotic accent to your kitchen as have many traditional furnishings that have metamorphosed into contemporary furnishings to help us meet the demands of our modern way of life.

These benches serve a dual purpose. They are useful to store kitchen items as well as groceries. And, they make a delightful place for the household cook to sit and stretch out if she wants. Plus, if the phone is nearby, the area can be a cozy way of doing cooking chores and catching up with friends and family or other business by phone.




Sunday, March 13th 2016. | Kitchen Design Ideas
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