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Sustainable Architecture for Better Environment

To conserve our environment, now people like to develop sustainable architecture design to establish home and office building. This method is one development in modern architecture design that is aimed to minimize environmental destruction due to modern building. Not only eco friendly, this method is also successfully proved to make life more practical and efficient.
In this city, sustainable architecture likes to maximizing landscape as well. The idea is how to make a comfortable home even in very small land. For the decoration this architecture style will use energy savings products and materials. For example, the will emphasize on windows energy saving so that you can get enough fresh air without needing to install AC in your home. They also encourage people to save energy lighting and water heating system using solar sun energy in your home. So that in the end, this system can reduce green house gases, preserve environmental resources, and empower society to maximize their potential without electronic gadget too much.
There are many characteristic of sustainable architecture that can be applied in city resident, but the most interesting is water renewal system. This helps people to save water for their household and daily life. In making garden with this architecture model, some people also like to plant drought-tolerant plants to save water.

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