Special look of home windows design

Special look of home windows design

Windows are provided in the wall for sunshine, light and air circulation. The maximum number of windows should be provided on the external walls. The size and shape of the windows depend upon the activity performed in the room. The skill level is usually about one meter above the floor level and the tops of the doors and windows are normally kept on the same level. Windows are normally provided with sun shades for protection against sun and rain beating. Windows can be classified into different types on the basis of operation and materials used. They can be broadly classified into the following types:

  • Casement windows
  • Pivoted windows
  • Sliding windows
  • Louvered windows
  • Metal windows
  • Bay windows
  • Dormer windows

Casement windows: The construction of casement windows is similar to door construction. A casement window consists of a frame, styles, horizontal rails and panels with bars. Side hinged opening part of the window consisting of glass panes is known as casement.

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Pivoted windows: In these windows, the shutters are made to swing around the pivots. The windows may be pivoted horizontally or vertically. The frames of these windows have no rebates. These windows are easy to maintain and admit more light. No bars or grills are used in these type of windows.

Sliding windows: These windows work like sliding doors. They are made of shutters which move horizontally or vertically on small roller bearings. The necessary cavities are provided in the frame or walls to receive the shutters when windows are opened.

Louvered windows: These windows provide free passage of air and light even when closed. They also provide privacy, protection against sun-beating and glare without affecting ventilation. They gather dust easily needing periodic cleaning, so they are normally used for toilets, workshops etc., These windows consist of a series of louvers made of wood, glass or metal. They may be fixed or moving type. For economical construction, the angle of inclination of louvers is usually kept at 45°. Venetian blinds also serve a similar purpose when fixed to any casement window. Venetian blinds fixed to a window are capable of being lowered or raised. They are equipped with a mechanical tilting device. These type of windows give maximum control of light and privacy without affecting ventilation.

Metal windows:  At present, the windows made of metals like mild steel, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel etc., are very popular. Steel windows, being economical, are extensively used and manufactured in standard sizes. The metal frame may be fixed directly to the wall or it may be fixed to a wooden frame. The glass panes or shutters are fixed into the frame for the desired movements. Standard ‘Z’ shaped mild steel sections are cut, trimmed and welded together to form a range of standard sized windows. These windows are designed for easy glass replacement. The use of aluminum windows for buildings is also increasing in big cities. Aluminum windows can be given any shape to suit the requirement and they do not need any painting or maintenance but the initial cost is comparatively high.

Bay or Bow windows: These windows project outside the external walls to form a projection called as a ‘bay or bow’. These type of windows provide more area of opening for light and ventilation from different directions. These windows also give extra space to the room and improve the appearance of the building.

Dormer windows:  These are the vertical windows built on sloping sides of a pitched roof. These windows are provided to admit light and air to the rooms. These windows improve the appearance of the building also.

Skylight: These type of windows are usually fixed on the sloping surface of a roof parallel to its inclination. They bring natural light into the room and works as ventilator also by bringing fresh air. They are provided with fixed glass panels. To achieve good lighting and economy, skylights can be provided by substituting tiles by glass tiles of the same pattern ex: Mangalore tiles. Fibre glass skylights are increasingly used at present because they are light in weight, easy to maintain, molded to the desired shape and available in the variety of colors and designs.

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