Saving Money on Your Outdoor Security Lighting

Saving Money on Your Outdoor Security Lighting

Installing outdoor landscape lighting fixtures is a great way to keep your home safe and secure. Research has shown that homes with exterior lighting have a significantly lower rate of attempted burglaries and forced entries than homes that have no lighting outside. Lighting makes your home a harder target because neighbors can see what’s going on outside. Burglars looking for a home that will be an easy target will many times just keep moving unless they have a reason for wanting to get into your home.

Unfortunately, keeping your home safe in this way requires that you spend a significant amount of money on powering the light fixtures. Here are two ways that you can cut down on the amount of money that you’re spending on your security lighting.

The first and most cost effective way to cut down on the money that you’re spending on security lighting is to attach them to motion sensors. Anyone walking in front of the sensors will trigger the light, provide the light you need to make burglars think twice while only providing light when you need it. These are also more practical for everyday use as well. You won’t have to worry about leaving the light on when you leave the house.  Instead, you can just pull into the driveway and the lights will flick on for you so you can find your way to your door.

The second way of saving some money on security lighting is hooking the lights up to timers. Timers are especially effective if you have a lot of decorative lighting. They can be hooked up to turn on and off at certain times, keeping your house lit most of the night, but having the lights turn off when morning starts to roll around.


Thursday, March 17th 2016. | Exterior Design, Garden Design Ideas
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