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Save Energy with Green Building

Green building or also known as sustainable building historically occurred because of the energy crisis that happened in the end of the twentieth century. At that time, big countries such as America and the other developed countries faced a condition where it was hard to find natural resources. That was the condition when the oil price was very high. There was also a saying which says that oil is similar to gold.
That condition happened because of the high usage of oil by houses and manufacturers. To overcome the problem, nowadays, people start to do any kind of activities without wasting the environment and energy. One of the things is to build green building. This building is said to be the most environmental friendly because the building is planned as neat as possible. The planning includes the location where the building will be built, the materials in building the structure, the interior design and so on.
As the energy resources, green building usually applies solar energy. There are so many advantages in using this kind of energy. First is that the energy is renewable. It means that it does not use up natural resources, like electricity or oil, because the source comes from the sun. Second is that the energy usage does not produce air nor water pollution.

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