Perfect Development for Human Life and Environment

Sustainable development is some kind of method used to fulfill the human needs without neglecting the environment. It seems that this method is in the opposite side from the other human need fulfilling methods such as capitalism. The other methods will only consider how the needs can be fulfilled and the methods do not even take environment into consideration. These methods seem to only pay attention to the economical matters and they neglect the environmental matters.
Sustainable development is used to cover the three main aspects in fulfilling the human needs. Those three aspects are economy, society, and environment. Environment is, indeed, a very important matter in human life. People cannot live separately from their environment. However, people have tendency to not respect the Mother Nature. People are too greedy. They take the resources from the nature and do not care about the negative effects. For example, a timber company cuts down a lot of tree from the forest without replanting some new tree seeds.
This condition makes the forest loses its ability to save water in the roots which might make flood happen in the future. Whenever sustainable development method is applied people will get so many advantages. Besides their economical and society needs are fulfilled, they will also maintain the environment.

Wednesday, October 7th 2015. | Usefull Tips