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One Story log Home

Building a lodge style home is an interesting idea because of the fact that a lodge style home can give both comfort and beauty. Besides, its classical atmosphere created by the logs as the main material cannot be replaced by anything else. The combination of logs, stone, and other nature material can create an awesome natural view and situation in the house. Also, it can be the best place for resting with all of the family members or some old friends after taking an out town holiday or enjoying fishing time at the nearest lake.
Now, people can get inspirations from one story log home plans provided by architects, designers, or home planners. They offer various models of story log homes. However, they basically include cabin, veranda, deck, and porch in the designs. The basic form of a log home is a simple square. It usually has an end chimney and two rooms deep. Though it is difficult to be developed, but architects and designers try their best in bringing a new solution. They use certain material to produce logs like material. It solves the problem of how difficult to get a lot of logs recently is. Even, they simplify most of the materials too so that people can built the one story log home without spending too much money. Indeed, those imitated materials are cheaper than the logs.
For the log home freak this kind of solution is nonsense. They think that by applying them, the effect of the log home will never be reached. Those imitated material will never be able to replace the logs. That is why they prefer having a smaller one story log home than applying imitated logs in order to get a large log home. Architects understand it so much and propose other smaller log home plans for them.
Since the lodge home style can give comfort and beauty atmosphere, this kind of building is recommended and interesting idea. The stunning combination of the materials can build such natural feeling. There is some information which can inspire people to build the lodge. People can see or learn the design from the architect or from the internet. The typical lodge from Finland and Scotland also can be the reference how the design of the lodge is built in the mountain or forest area. Just create and use the creativity to get the satisfied lodge home plans to earn the best result.

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