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LEED for Environmental Maintenance

LEED or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design is something that you need if you want to make sure that the building you own is a green building. It is the only certificate system to verify that your building has respected the environment because your building has fulfilled the requirements of being green building or sustainable building. The certificate system has been applied since 1998. The requirements cover some aspects. The first aspect is that your building must use energy as minimum as possible.
The second aspect is your building has applied water efficiency. The third aspect is that the building also needs to produce a minimal amount of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide to reduce air pollution. LEED will also investigate your building planning and location. Your building planning and location must be friendly with the surrounding environment. It will also consider the materials usage during the building process of the structure.
In order to get LEED, so many buildings use solar energy. These buildings have some solar cells on planted on the roof. The solar energy can be used to light the lamps, warming the rooms, warming the water and so on. And there will be no emissions either air pollution or water pollution.

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