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Green Roof to Fight Green House Effects

Green House Effects are very dangerous for human living and nature sustainability. Thus, government encourages each person in this world to take part in conserving nature and protect nature habitat to keep this world balance. For resident, now governments encourage people to make green roof in their home.
This roof is different with common roof tiles. This roof should be designed to make vegetation and plants able to grow up well there. The plant is usually in small and medium height that planted over waterproofing membrane. In designing green roof the architecture and building construction must think about additional layers includes root barriers, drainage system, and irrigation system as well. In many high building in big city, such as offices building, they can make well designed green roofs like Small Park. For resident house, you can use sod roof like in Faroe island houses. It is like grass. Or else, you can use pot and plant beds on the balcony for starting.
Maintaining green roof is quite easy. You do not need to spend much water to make it growth. You can take advantage of rain fall as well. It is also a good pollutant or carbon filter so that you can provide fresh air that rich of oxygen to your family every day.

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