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Green Building Council – A Good Way to Socialize Green Project

Green Project and Go Green movement has been introduced for many years ago. Trying to reduce global warning effects and preserve nature, this movement asks many countries and global society to take part in saving earth. One nongovernmental institution that able to guide global society is made with name of green building council. This nonprofit organization will help citizens to understand more about making eco friendly building for home, store, and offices that will not harm nature life and potential.
This institution is now spreading throughout the world by making several branches for official office in many countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, and others. While the World green building council itself is established in Toronto Canada. Until now, there are 64 legal members or countries that follow this program. The aim to make good synergy between government, professional construction manufacture, property business owners, education and research institution, and society association for environmental activist to encourage society making eco friendly building by making GREENSHIP certificate.
On the long term purpose, each representative of green building council in member countries is expected to do market transformation. It involves the development on providing “Green” services and goods for society. To monitor how this member works, the WGBC will do training, seminar, and workshop to their countries member.

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