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Green Architecture to Save Our Environment

These time people are not only warned on the issue of environmental destruction anymore. People are now realizing and even see with their own eyes the damage due to global warming, pollution, and environmental damage that can treat human race future. Regarding on this fact, now many home designer go for green architecture design and building principles.
Just like the name, this action is done to response government idea “Call to Action” to save energy and minimizes pollution in city. What makes this project applicative in society is regarding on the high demand on being go green participants and this project help citizens to lower bills while constructing home or other building. There are several actions usually given by green architecture consultant. First is lowering the possibilities of “on-grid” or “off-grid” utility bills to renew building or make new building. The second is take advantage on nature by managing good rain water collection and ventilation to replace AC in home.
In dong construction on green architecture building project, usually it will use non toxic and non synthetic materials to minimal the harm for natural habitation. Many green manufactures also use renewal materials or recycled salvage materials. All of the building will use eco friendly system.

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