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Fabulous Decoration Ideas for Bedroom with A-Frame Ceilings

Fabulous Decoration Ideas for Bedroom with A-Frame Ceilings

          There are always different and unique ideas to work on house decoration, no matter which area we are dealing with. One of those unique ideas is when working on A-frame ceilings in bedroom decoration. This is of course rather unusual and requires different approach to every decoration plan. If you want to make some updates in your bedroom with A-frame ceilings, here are some ideas that will work. Going with details does not mean that you cannot create massive impact in your bedroom. In fact, the amalgamation of ornaments in an area will surely create a massive impact inside. Scroll through and find out what will work best for your bedroom decoration plan.

          All right, I believe that details will have massive impact in bedroom decoration. In this case, architectural accents as well as accompanying accessories is going to create some unique look in you’re A-frame ceiling bedroom. You can emphasize the triangular shape of your bedroom with some exposed wooden beam rafters set on the ceiling. Painting the wood white is a great idea for creating a casual cottage feel or even contemporary styling. In order to get more contrast and also a rustic feel, you can stain the wood a slightly darker tone or use rough and reclaimed wood beams. Need more? Well, don’t worry. You can go on with the design by creating a focal point in the bedroom. You can do so by installing a large chandelier, decorative ceiling fan with light kit, or artistic hanging pendant. With the absence of arts, you need to style the bedroom with a combination of patterns on fabrics and upholstery. Make sure that you make your bedroom feel cozy with furry area rugs or plush and throws which are casually draped over the furniture. In order to add in a nice finishing touch, you can add interest by mixing textures such as leather chair upholstery, organic woven basket, sleek ceramic lamp bases, and fringed blankets or bedspreads.

          All in all, there is no doubt that A-frame ceiling in bedroom will make the bedroom a little bit limited to decorate. However, there are of course a number of ideas that can work best in such bedroom.

 Fabulous Decoration Ideas for Bedroom with A Frame Ceilings

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