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Design your own Bi Level Home

The main idea of developing bi level home is derived from a split-level home. The main level of the house is designed to be the centre of the upper and lower level. The ideas also come from the style of a split ranch house. It is slightly different with the original split ranch house. In a bi level home, the lower level is placed out the ground. The entrance door is often placed at the centre of the house. There are two parts in the lower area. They are a storage area and a built-in-garage.
If you want to have a bi level house, you should learn many ideas from bi level home plans. Most of them suggest that a bi level home is built on a terrain surrounded area. It is aimed at providing an interesting landscape and view. A bi level home usually has three kinds of exterior design. They are dreadful, attractive, and average. The interior of a bi level home usually use lack of harmony style. in other words, it is simple. However, if you want something different you can mix and match many elements and materials so that you get your desired interior design.
For most of us, designing a bi level home can be a quite difficult thing to do. Then, go to the best architect is the only way out for us. Architects have knowledge and experience in designing and modifying home plans including that bi level home model. The architect can give the best solution in designing the kind of bi home. Actually, this design is absolutely unique, but need more time to make a plan and built this. In making plan is not only makes a plan to build but need to arrange the interior and exterior design. Since the bi design has levels it will be better to differentiate the interior or maybe exterior design of the house. It will make the uniqueness and great impression of typical house. By using or imitated some kinds of unique bi design it can make the house has art value.
Do not forget to choose furniture wisely so that you can match them with the bi level home theme. The last but not least, you should take into account your own personality. Harmonize the decoration and ornaments with your own style and personality so that you can get the most appropriate home for you to stay in.

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