Decorating the Home With a Theme

Decorating the Home With a Theme


As you walk through distinct model homes, you may not see a “subject” in the sense of everything being roosters or chili peppers, but you’d see a cohesive house layout appear throughout.


Home Decor Theme


To put it differently, if someone has picked a Tuscan home style decorating, the greatest appearance would be one where all rooms use jewel tones, rich ornamentation, and home furnishings that includes an Italian look and feel. With this, the whole house is symbolized in ways it seems the homeowner spent a bundle to have it decorated by a professional.

So, when decorating your house to Tuscany design, we suggest you stick with a “motif” for the principal rooms to contain the family room, kitchen, dining room, den, home office, family room, and hall bathroom. For the bedrooms and toilets that are private, it’d be better to remain within the exact same colour pallet and use the exact same layout components but for these rooms, you’d have a little more freedom to personalize the rooms to each individual’s style and taste.


When you think about decorating your house with a motif, the aim would be to embrace one thought that impress and would motif, then replicate it throughout the house. Naturally, you could add each room and home accessory components to make them unique but while sticking to the general notion. The result is a house that’s an unified fashion, which will be just what you get with a model home.

For example, if you adore a rustic appearance, then you’d use colours and specific substances. With this fashion, colours like yellows, browns, tans, reds, oranges, rust, as well as blacks would work best and black wrought iron, for things, dark-coloured wood, stools, chili peppers or roosters, etc would work. But if decorating your house with a modern fashion to seem like a model home, things with clean lines, stainless steel, and afterward glass would be used through the entire house.


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