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Creative DIY Office Desk Organization Ideas

Everything in the office should be arranged as tidily as possible. If you arrange everything tidily, you can work comfortably. Therefore, you need to plan office desk organization ideas. In this case, you do not need to buy storage to organize various items. You can create it by your own. Talking about DIY desk organization, here are some creative ideas that you can apply to your office.

Stack of Mason Jars

One of the best office table organization ideas is to create a stack of mason jars. In this idea, you need to prepare some mason jars and then glue them as creative as possible. Then, you can use it to store or arrange staples, pencils, pens & other small items. It does not only make your office desk tidy but also impressive.

Peg Board above Office Desk

Next, you can also consider applying a peg board. As one of the most attractive office desk organization ideas, you can apply it above the office desk. This can be used to hold various small items such as tape, scissors, keys, and others.

Office Organization from Old Shutter

If you have an old shutter, you can use it to create an organization for your office. Just install it on the wall near the office table and use it to hold many items such as bills, files or other documents. To make it look good, you can repaint it. Anyway, it belongs to one of the most recommended office desk storage ideas.

Shoe Box Storage

You can also make storage from shoe boxes. Just glue some shoe boxes and make it look attractive. Then, use it to arrange various documents. This will look creative to be placed on the office table. Hopefully, you will be inspired by these office desk organization ideas.

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