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Beadboard Ceiling Panels

Beadboard Ceiling Panels

Ceiling decorations have changed to a great extent. New techniques of interior decorations are evolving each and every day. Ceiling design is also not lacking behind. Paneling is an example of one the new techniques of ceiling designing. You may hear of false ceiling design, or vaulted ceiling or shed ceiling, or tray ceiling design, these ceiling designs are basically done by the re-moulding the concrete ceiling by using grids or panels. But now through this article, we are going to now about how you are going to design your ceiling with the help of beadboard paneling, and of course, through this technique, you can make a difference from others and give an exotic look to your ceiling.

If the homeowner wishes to have paneling for their ceiling then the professionals usually advised going for the beadboard paneling system. Thus, beadboard paneling for the ceiling is the most common and most popular ceiling design, it not only gives a fab look but also it proves to be a protective sheet to your ceiling and also, it also gives a uniform look and makes your room more spacious and airy.

Paneling is also known as wainscoting. This paneling is being termed as beadboard because these panels are beaded. These panels usually cover the entire ceiling just by placing the beaded panels side by side. You might be thinking that what kind of planks will choose for the ceiling? You can either go for the readymade planks, or you can give the order to make the planks. For easy installations, you can buy the readymade planks which are also known as solid sheet planks. If you give a bit effort to it, the next best opportunity is wooden planks, for a very classy look. The wood which will you choose, it should be of premium quality. Recently another type of materials is used for planks those are vinyl planks.

Now the next question which arises, where these beaded planks look best? Beadboard ceiling can be mostly seen in the patios, and also in the basement ceiling. Nowadays designers suggest, having these planks even in the kitchen and also in the bathroom. It can prove to be the most attractive bathroom décor.

Next thing that we are going to discuss through this article is that the color or the paint of the beadboard ceiling. You should be very much careful about the choice of the color because a wrong choice in the color and put water on the entire effort. If you choose wooden planks then, it is advisable to keep the wooden color. If you can then you buy some of the wooden furniture to have a color matching. Otherwise, for planks, the best color option is the lighter shades. White or off white or any kind of neutral paint can go for the beadboard ceiling panels. If really want to choose darker shades for the ceiling then sure at one thing, the ceiling should a great height. This is mainly because the lighter color shades can make your room airier whereas darker shades give the warmth to your room. So, the height of the ceiling should higher in order to make it cozy.

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