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Basement Decorating Ideas – 5 Tips Addition

Basement Decorating Ideas

Are you looking for ways to finish out your Basement Decorating Ideas in the best possible way to get the most use out of it? There are all kind of things that you can do but the first thing you will want to decide is what your basement will be used for. Are you just wanting open space or are you wanting to divide it off into rooms? If you do not have any real big plans for your basement and you are open for suggestions why not let the man in your life have the space for his own. After all if he has his own space it will leave more for you on the main level of your home. Why not put his office in the basement and then those late nights he has to spend will not keep you up and the best part are the four suggestions I am going to add below. if you want a happy man give him his own space. Have a wonderful place for him to go to and a great place for him to have his friends over.

1. Pool Table Set aside an area in the basement for a pool table and maybe some kind of game table.
2. Bar Add a mini bar with a refrigerator to keep his favorite beverages cold and if he does his snacking down there think of the mess it will save you.
3. Poker Table Add a poker table so he can have his buddies over for poker night. Your house will be the talk of the town. What man would not want to be able to be the host for this weekly event.
4. Workout Room Every man should have his own workout room and you could add you own equipment also. It would be so nice to be able to workout without leaving the house.
5. Big Screen TV No basement would be complete without a big screen TV mounted right over the fireplace. What a perfect place to have a super bowl party.

These are ideas as to what features to add to your basement. If you want your basement to really look good be sure and add some built-in shelves and the proper crown molding. Most people would not spend the extra money to finish out the basement with this kind of style but it will really stand out. If you would like to add crown molding to you basement but feel like it would be to expensive then why not learn how to take on the task of cutting crown molding and installing it yourself.

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