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Attractive False Ceiling Design

Attractive False Ceiling Design

Attractive False Ceiling Design Of the many innovative ideas invented over time in the field of interior design, one idea according to me turned out more useful than just adding to the beauty of the place- false ceilings. They were invented in 1958 by Donald A. Brown and since then, have been very popular around the globe with many attractive false ceiling designs invented over and over again.

What are false ceilings? : False ceilings are secondary ceilings and are constructed below the primary ceiling of a room. False ceilings are constructed of lightweight construction material like plywood, light-wood, Plaster of Paris, gypsum, veneer, a combination of all or some of these or some other material, depending upon the budget or the requirement of the place or clients. The structure is created in many shapes, colors, and forms according to personal choices and is mechanically hung below the primary ceiling. There are many reasons why I say that false ceilings are more useful than they are attractive. To mention a few, these are what that come to my mind:

  • They can easily cover any cracks in your primary ceiling
  • They can host the rooms lighting system
  • They can cover the wiring system in the room quite cleverly
  • They can host sprinklers for fire emergencies
  • They can host a centralized AC, thus reducing the overall cost of electricity by allowing a single AC to serve the purpose of air conditioning for the entire room and there are much

Whether it is a piece of art, colorful design that you love or any add-on feature you feel would look good when you look at the roof of your room, a false ceiling would be the best way to host any of these in an easy and economic way. Home False Ceiling cost:  The cost of false ceilings for a house varies according to the material used and the size of the ceiling. Mostly, synthetic material like gypsum, Plaster of Paris and plywood cost very less as compared to wood. Sometimes, metal linings are also used in false ceilings that may add to the expenses.

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Though there are ways where with some effort, you can install false ceilings on your own, it would be better to hire a professional for a finished, professional look. You can contact few professionals and enquire about the charges they quote. Generally, the charges depend on upon the span of the ceiling and the material that you choose to put in. The costs may range from as less as 100$ to as much as you can imagine or put in.

The market is flooded with ready-to-use false ceiling kits with attractive and innovative

False Ceiling Design for Home or office that can be easily installed by yourself or a small-scale interior design company. The ideas are also innumerate. Browse the web and you will be introduced to a world of all kinds of home and office decoration ideas where from you can choose the one you like or take inspiration and craft a design personally.

While finalizing a False Ceiling for Office, your home or any other place you wish, just remember to understand the specific needs of the ceiling. You should think on all fronts and then decide what exactly the ceiling is meant for: only decoration, lighting or some add-on features like an air conditioner, water sprinklers for fire prevention system of the house or sound absorbent systems (to cut the sound if the there is much noise pollution between two floors. Give way to your imaginations and add it along with your needs and you will be able to bring a very new, personalized ceiling that soothe your senses every time you look up.

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