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Antebellum House for a Classical Taste

Antebellum architecture is a neoclassical architecture style that adapts the architecture style before the world war. The word antebellum itself refers to a certain periods in the past, which is the period before the war. Though, it does not refer directly to certain style of housing, people developed housing style based on the houses found at that time. It was initiated by Celtic and Germanic people who inhabit the United States of America. Some features related to the antebellum architecture are mansions, greek revivals, plantation houses, and neoclassical houses. Usually, it comes into pillars, huge and royal house plans.
People’s interest in building antebellum homes is caused by the creativity of the architects and designers who adapt the architecture and combine it to modern people lifestyle. In addition, most of this antebellum house style is having high value in aesthetic and elegant. Most of them use designs that classic but it also looks charm and great in the modern furnishing interior designs. Therefore, there is need for the creativity in modifying the classic style into the modern touch without losing the style. Most of the architects and designers also welcome any ideas and wishes of the house owner in order to satisfy them. They are able to modify the antebellum home plans to meet those people’s requirements and needs. To show their care to their customers, they have many staffs that are always ready to help. This means that the process of designing the home plans will always be flexible for any kind of revision and modifications.
Nowadays, there are a lot of antebellum home plans available online as an inspiration for antebellum architecture lovers. Even, those who have no interest in it may change their mind because the models are beautiful. They give a classical view without leaving the taste of beauty and style. Some features found in an antebellum home are some large bedrooms, bathrooms, garage, fireplace, laundry room, kitchen, and deck. Of course, additional rooms will always be possible. One example of the antebellum home plans applies classical decoration in the bedroom. Most of the room is in brown colour, starting from the floor, which is wooden, brown sofa, brown bed, and brown table. A white bedcover and pillows added to give contrast. Overall, the antebellum house and its decoration inside can bring us to a peaceful and classical feeling of the past daily life. It looks old and makes people who live there feel peace of mind.

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