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An Environmental Friendly Building

Global warming has taken its effect on our life. There are so many indications of the effects of global warming that we can see in our surroundings. Extreme weather, natural disasters, earth’s increasing temperature, and so on. So many things are done in order to prevent the more terrible effects. People start to reduce, reuse, and recycle plastic usage. People also start building structures which are friendly to the environment. These buildings can be called as buildings with sustainability.
Sustainable buildings can be defined as the buildings that sustain the environment. The sustainability must cover the process of how the building is planned, how it is built, how it is used, its maintenance, and the last is its demolition. All of those processes must not waste the energy and sources and it must also be responsible to the surrounding environment. A sustainable building will reduce the bad impact to the environment because it does not produce so many wastes such as water and air pollution.
Most of this kind of building will use solar energy by putting solar cells on the roof. So the electricity usage can be reduced. The use of solar cells is also the part of sustainability value of the building because solar cell does not produce pollution and therefore it is friendly to the environment.

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