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4 Attractive Office Bulletin Board Ideas

Every office must have at least a bulletin board. It functions to share announcements for the employees. The bulletin board should be able to attract the employees so that they will pay attention to the bulletin board. Therefore, you have to plan office bulletin board ideas properly. It is not an easy task. So, you may need some inspirations. In this article, we will share some inspiring ideas that you can try.

Organizer Bulletin Board

One of the most useful office bulletin board plans is organizer bulletin board. This is appropriate for you who need to do more than just clip notes and photos. In this idea, you need to add brackets, rod and ledge and the simple bulletin board will be much more versatile. This will be able to be used to hold keys, packages, mails, etc.

Clipboard-style Bulletin Board

If you are looking for new office bulletin board ideas, you can consider clipboard-style bulletin board. This can be a good alternative for you who are bored with traditional bulletin board materials. It is excellent to organize papers and others. Besides space efficient, this is also very attractive,

DIY Fabric Bulletin Board

It also belongs to top office bulletin board tips to apply make DIY fabric bulletin board. In this idea, you can cover the bulletin board using your desired fabric. Besides, you can also consider some simple supplies such as spray paint, glue, fabric, cork board, etc.

Cooper Organization System

Another best idea is to apply this functional and beautiful wall organization project. You just need to grab some reinforcement panel, office clips, and spray paint. With these impressive office bulletin board ideas, your office will be more exciting. Every employee will love paying attention to the bulletin board at the office.

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